Everyday Food Items That Can Help To Keep Your Heart Healthy And Active


Eating for a healthy heart means paying attention to your diet! So, make sure that you eat enough of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, egg, milk and fish and meat several times a day. In addition to this, we need to limit the amount of junk food consumed so that the unsaturated fatty acids cannot do us any harm. There is no alternative to healthy eating. Make some of the following popular items a part of your daily diet:

  • Yoghurt: one of the most tasty side accompaniments, yoghurt can be eaten in so many different ways. You can eat it just the way it is. Or you can make a tasty dip out of it. Research says that yoghurt is great against gum disease. It helps to keep tooth decay at bay. So if for nothing else, for a healthy pair of teeth make yoghurt a part of your regular diet. Try out cucumber along with it to enjoy a tasty side dish.
  • Raisins: A popular dry fruit, you will find that raisins can be used in almost any type of food dish. Be it rice pulao, pudding, cake, custard or eat it like that only – the different ways in which you can eat raisin is numerous. Eating raisins on a daily basis reduces the chance of heart attack and improves the quality of your gum as well.
  • Whole Grains: they are a rich source of antioxidants, phytoestrogens and phytosterols and are quite tasty and filling to say the least. You can eat them as your lunch or even as a part of your dinner. The antioxidants present in them helps to fight the cholesterol and keep heart attack at bay.
  • Salmon: there is no alternative to it. Almost every household has its daily share of salmon intake. High on omega 3fats, it helps to keep you fit, active and lean as well.
  • Chocolate: now who does not like to eat chocolate? Starting from a kid to an 80 year old guy, everyone loves to enjoy a good slab of chocolate. As per research cocoa helps to reduce blood pressure and improve the flow of blood.healthy heart


But what if it is not possible for you to eat these items? Many of us stay at hostels either to attend college or we have just started out and do not have a proper place to stay. We depend on the food offered by the hostel authorizes. As a result, we often miss out on the essential nutrients and vitamins. In order to ensure that we don’t fall sick, there is another alternative that we can do. We can opt for health food supplements sold at the Health Food Store.

The Health Food Shop offers a diverse collection of health supplement products and that too at affordable rates.


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