5 Health Supplements And Food Items That Is Great For Your Heart


One of the most common causes of death amongst men and women across the globe is cardiac arrest. However, it is preventable thereby making Health Supplements a popular benefit. Following are the 5 supplements that actually make a change and lower the risk of heart attack. (Note: don’t forget to consult your doctor, before you go ahead and start consuming these supplements.)


One of the major reasons why green leafy vegetable is are so good for you is because they have nitrates in them. Both nitrates and potassium play a significant role in protecting your heart. Nitrates can be found in beets, green leafy vegetables. Hence, you should consume these items as much as you can. When the nitric oxide synthesis increases in the body it automatically improves blood circulation thereby reducing blood pressure level. In fact having a diet that is rich in nitrates reduces your hypertension risk thereby reducing the risk of cardiac arrest.


Hydrogen sulfide present in garlic is a good source of blood pressure reduction. This sulfide also leads to the creation of new blood vessels. One can eat it raw or can incorporate as part of their regular diet as well. The improved hydrogen sulfide level helps to promote the growth of new arterioles while reducing blood pressure. In fact garlic also reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels as such it is a vital health supplement.

Vitamin K…

Vitamin K plays a significant role in reducing arterial calcification. There are very few Health Supplements that can offer this. As a result this vitamin plays an important role in minimizing heart attacks. In addition to consuming food items that are rich in vitamin K one should also consume health supplements that offer this vitamin.


Berberine is a very strong blood glucose–lowering agent which can be extremely beneficial for diabetic people or those who are glucose intolerant. In fact it also reduces cholesterol and triglycerides.

Terminalia Arjuna….

Compared to the supplements mentioned above, this one has a direct impact on the heart. Although human studies are very less, yet it is seen that the Arjuna water protects the heart from the catecholamines or elevated glucose levels.

Go ahead and incorporate these health supplements in your regular diet so that you can start taking care of your heart from today only.

This article is contributed by : www.fourbody.com.au


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